All about Japanese Ramen

RAMEN is one of the most popular foods in Japan. This dish of noodles in a broth sprinkled garnish conquered the heart of gourmets around the world and is often at the top of the list of what tourists plan to eat when buying trips to Japan. Let's take a closer look at one of the national culinary treasures of the Japan.

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What is Ramen?

RAMEN is in several forms: Dashi (fish broth), Miso Broth, Soy Sauce, pork broth and chicken broth.

Noodles constitute the other main ingredient ramen. They also come in different varieties, depending on the basis of ramen, from the region in which it is manufactured and the culinary preferences of each chef and his client. Noodles are made from wheat, water, salt and eggs. It usually differs from its thickness, the percentage of water used to manufacture it, shape or ripple (Chijire) and its color. Although the individual effects of each ingredient can be minor, noodles finished are manufactured according to certain types of soup.

But of course, none bowl Would not be complete without the filling! Although there are no fixed rules for fillings, the choice is entirely left to chefs and visitors.

All types of Japanese Ramen | Ramen nation

7 forms of bowls of Japanese Ramen

For an ultimate experience ramen, the bowl is just as important as the food it contains.

Can you imagine using a bowl for your ramen Who is tilted too high, and your chopsticks can not work properly?

Or use a bowl whose opening is too small and where the garnishes are stacked on each other instead of being temporated as they should?

There are many different forms of Bowl in Ramen. Below, I will present you the most common forms:

1.Menbachi: The shape of this bowl is generally larger and deeper than that of other ordinary bowls.

2.Ohgigatadon: This bowl is very friendly in a commercial kitchen because it is easy to hold, stackable and does not take much storage space.

3.Tayudon: Thanks to the versatile function and the shape of this bowl, you can also use it for noodles other than the Ramen, like Udon or Soba.

4.Hira Tayoudon: This is the flat version of Tayudon mentioned above. It is usually used in low-end Ramen restaurants that focus on supplying a high volume for cheap prices.

5.Tamadon: This bowl is usually used for the Ramen which are accompanied by many packs.

6.Koudaidon: This type of bowl is most often used in the economic restaurants that favor convenience for the customer rather than the perception of the restaurant.

7.Marukoudaidon: Most often used for Ramen noodles or fried rice, this bowl facilitates the service because the extra edge allows to grab and transport it without burning your fingers.

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RAMEN and one of the most popular dishes in Japan. In addition to being cheap for budget travelers, there are restaurants ramen, Where Ramen-Ya, in virtually every corner of the country and there are countless regional variants of this noodle dish commmon.