All about Mount Fuji The Sacred Mountain of Japan

Mount Fuji is the highest Mountain of Japan, and one of the most beautiful in the world. In July and August, thousands of people climb the relatively easy path to the majestic summit of 3000 m.

Mount Fuji Where Fujisan, often called wrongly Fuji-Yama, is the highest Japanese Mountain at 3,776 meters. The almost perfectly symmetrical form of Stratovolcan with its snowy summit makes Mount Fuji, one of the most beautiful mountains of the world, and a popular object for painters, poets, and international photographers. On a clear day, Mount Fuji has been visible from Tokyo, 100 km away.

The summit of Mount Fuji is located on the main island of Japan, Honshu, exactly between the two prefectures of Yamanashi and Shizuoka. In its current form, the Mountain Formed about 10,000 years ago, its first basic forms are probably appeared a few hundred thousands of years ago.

All about Mount Fuji The Volcano of Japan - Ramen Nation

Mount Fuji: Sacred Mountain of Japan

Mount Fuji is not just a mountain, it is a volcano of the Pacific Firebelt and is considered a sleeping volcano. Its last eruption dates from 1708, the risk of a new eruption is considered weak.

In Shintoism, Japan's second religious community after Buddhism, the gracious Mount Fuji is one of three Sacred mountains of Japan, with Tate and Haku. The first climbing of the majestic volcano would have been made in the seventh century by an unknown Shinto monk. British diplomat Sir Rutherford Alcock was the first non-Japanese to reach the summit in 1868. Until the Meiji era, in June 1912 with the death of Emperor Tennōs Mutsuhito, women were not allowed to climb The sacred mountain.

When is Fuji season?

These restriction days are, thank God, finished. Today, Mount Fuji is one of the top 10 tourist attractions. Japan. Because of its symmetrical form, it is not only beautiful to watch, but also easy to climb. This means that, especially in July and August, when all tracks can be climbed and that huts are open, about 3,000 tourists are storming the summit every day.

An ascent from October to May is only advised with Mountain appropriate and experience. The sensible cold and the unpredictable time of this period have already made several deaths. The advantage is that you have the snowy dream landscape of The graceful mountain as well as for yourself.

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Paths up

The starting point of the ascent Mount Fuji Is the Gogōme station at 2,300 meters, still accessible by bus or car. Incidentally, a little below this station is the site of the Crash of a Boeing 707. From there, four itineraries lead to the summit, the "Lake Kawaguchi", the "Subashiri", the "Gotemba" and the "Fujinomiya" .


In the old days, The ascent of Fuji Was a trip to spiritual fulfillment, today it is one of the most famous icons in the world and one of Japan's most popular destinations. Pilgrimage and inspiration place for many artists. The highest mountain of Japan Also has a great cultural importance.