The history of Japanese chopsticks

The baguettes are an indispensable element of Japanese cuisine, and everyday life.

They are found in all Japanese, Korean or Chinese restaurants, but for many Westerners, they cause real cold sweats. The chopsticks are inseparable from Asian cuisine. In many countries of East Asia and Southeast, they are the current cutlery to eat and cook, especially at Japan, in China, Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan. One billion people use them in their daily lives, which is even more than those who eat with a knife and fork. The baguettes have become so indissociable in these countries that it is difficult to imagine eating it with something else.

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The history of the chopsticks

The origin of these chopsticks is not known with certainty. However, the Chinese were responsible for the popularization of this practice throughout Asia. The baguettes Hashi were also used in OUGOURES CIVILIZATIONS Mongolia's steppes from the 6th century. It is thought that the hashi (baguette) was used much earlier in the year 2,500 years before Christ, to grill meats on coal.

Only 1500 years after being simple sticks, used to return the meat, the hashi started to be used for common foods. We think they were very useful to avoid getting dirty with the sauces that were very common in cooking.

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How to hold and eat with chopsticks

You do not know how to eat or just how to hold a baguette ? It's easy enough, but it requires a little practice.

Have Hashi

First of all, the baguette Bottom goes between the thumb and the index and rests on the annular then, using the index, the middle finger and the thumb, hold the upper stick in the same way as you hold a pen. It is now enough to open it and close it by moving the upper stick using your index and your middle finger.


It's easier to say than to do, this part takes a lot of time to master. Watch how others hold Hashi (baguette), and follow the movement, you must be patient. If you really want to learn, you must practice as much as possible. Once you have acquired the practice, you will see how super practical they are.

Correct way of holding the hashi

The correct way is to hold Hashi With the right hand, and use the left hand to lift the rice and soup bowls to eat. And never hold food vertically, but by the sides.

You can train to eat with chopsticks, By holding them simply as a pencil. You will find below a video that presents more tips on how to eat with a baguette, and keep it properly.

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How to choose your Japanese chopsticks?

There is a lot of different style and format paraded the Japanese chopsticks. Among these different style, the most common are wood and steel chopsticks. But some exist also in porcelain.

To choose your chopsticks, attach yourself first to the atmosphere you want to give to your table. From wooden chopsticks will bring a traditional spirit, while the steel chopsticks Let's give a more modern style.

It is also important to define what grip you want. Indeed, among the Japanese chopsticks, we commonly find two forms: the square form, or round.

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Do not forget that the baguettes are not just two sticks to eat, but they are deeply rooted in Japanese culture.